About KAOS


Welcome to KAOS.

Unlike some gyms; we don’t promise quick fixes and easy sessions, there are no “6 minute abs” classes or hamster wheel spin classes. We don’t claim you can ‘dance yourself fit’ and the only slow, drawn out cardio we do is running away from mediocrity. What we do offer are long term plans, well thought out training programs, increased strength, fitness, mobility and a new wardrobe from the new clothes you’ll have to buy once you start seeing the results from your training.

So if you’re looking for empty promises, pointless exercise for the sake of exercise or to eat like a malnourished rabbit then keep on searching. But if you’re here because you’re sick and tired of the nonsense that is so prevalent in the fitness world then welcome, you are the people we want to work with.

We boast a 4,000 square foot training facility with a 1,500 square foot personal training and group training area. We have a 15 metre astro turf track, 6 power racks, deadlift platform, competition style bench, over 2 tons of weight plates, dumbbells up to 60kg, prowler, sleds, plyometric boxes, 2 sets of battle ropes, farmer’s handles, kettlebells, medicine balls, specialty bars, boxing bag, trx ropes, reverse hyperextension and a whole host of other machines, so no matter what you want we have the equipment and the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

We try our best to make the time you spend in KAOS the best part of your day, we want clients who are willing to work hard, have fun and make positive changes.