Derek Anderson

“It’s almost 7 months since I very timidly walked through the doors of KAOS. I was, in essence, broken. Years of inactivity and personal neglect had left me incapable of the most basic of exercise.

In KAOS I found a place where I would go and try. A plan was put together informally, I was never asked for a target or end number – it’s a rolling concept anyway.

The difference is simply amazing. I can now move, stretch, turn, run, walk and exercise in ways I never thought achievable. Inches and kilos have faded away and a new, more confident version of me is emerging.

That’s the magic of KAOS – time, patience and unique tailoring of plan to all shapes, sizes and states of fitness. I’ll be coming here for a long time to come.”


Ross Kavanagh

“I started in KAOS in October 2015 to improve my strength and ability as a football player, since then I have more than achieved that.

Not only have I but many others have noted and remarked on the improvements made since then. This would not have happened without the great help and knowledge of the staff in KAOS.

Even when I started it was nerve racking as i had never been in a gym before, it was the best place to start.

Only place I would recommend to anyone I know.


Ciaran Lowe

Since joining KAOS I feel like I have found a gym that caters for my needs. The equipment is great, the staff are friendly and the coaching speaks for itself. I joined in Sept. 2015 and by Feb. Of 2016 I had put 65 kgs on my Squat (110- 175), 40kgs on my Deadlift (160-200) and my Bench has become pain free for the first time in nearly a year. I can’t recommend Ben and the rest of KAOS enough.


Amy Dorrian

“I joined KAOS in January of this year to do the 8 week transformation, I didn’t know what to expect, I was nervous and not very confident walking into a gym. I expected it to be like everything else I’d tried, I’d last a few weeks, lose a bit of weight and then fall back into bad habits and put the weight back on…how wrong was I?

5 months later I’m down 10kg, over 21 inches down from all over and have completely changed my lifestyle. KAOS, as cheesy as it sounds, is like one big family, no one judges anyone for trying to better themselves and everyone is willing to help and offer advice. If you’re thinking of joining do it now, you won’t regret it. I only wish I had joined sooner.”


Emma Roche

“Not going to lie, this testimonial was harder to write than I thought. Not because I couldn’t think of anything to say, but because it was difficult to not endlessly blabber on about how great the KAOS trainers and clients are. How joining KAOS made me part of a weird and wonderful family full of incredibly kind, generous, funny and truly motivational people. However I know that most people just want to know cold hard facts when joining a gym, so here you go.

Joining KAOS works.

“This gym is gimmick and BS free. If you train hard, you can achieve your goals. It’s as simple as that. There are no magical machines, generic classes, ridiculous diets or quick fixes. At KAOS it is about quality not quantity and creating a lifestyle choice where you set and achieve maintainable goals.

I joined the KAOS group training sessions at 5 months pregnant with my first baby thinking that I wouldn’t be able to keep up my love of weights as there is so much scare mongering for pregnant women when it comes to weight training. Instead of being put in the corner with 2kg dumbbells, I was encouraged to participate fully in every session, adapting each exercise to accommodate my ability and my growing bump. Even at 8 months pregnant I was squatting and deadlifting with the rest of my group!

Developing severe SPD (pregnancy complication) did not deter the trainers at KAOS. They worked tirelessly with me to not only keep me fit, but also off crutches and providing huge amounts of pain relief. Ben and Niamh have received endless praise from both my midwife and my Osteopath for my mobility, pain management and strength.

What defines KAOS over all other gyms in my opinion is that you’re not just a number coming through the door or a monthly direct debit. You’re a person who wants to achieve or maintain something. And at KAOS they WANT to help you do that.”


Marie Claire O’Shaugnessy

I started KAOS in January 2015. Starting something new is always nerve wrecking, and I was nervous going to my first class. Looking back now it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I definitely shouldn’t have been so intimidated. Everyone at the gym is so friendly and supportive. The training group sessions are tough but absolutely great; everyone is so nice and motivates each other. Ben and Niamh are brilliant trainers, who are patient and encouraging at the same time. I have learned so much about weight training and diet since joining KAOS. Joining KAOS was more than just joining a gym, it was more like a lifestyle change and I’m loving it!”


Justine Costello

“I started the classes in KAOS with Ben mid February because I wanted to tone up for my holidays.I had done a few workouts before but nothing intense enough due to working hours etc.

I love the classes as they suited my hectic work schedule and Ben and Niamh are so accommodating with swapping classes if I can’t make the 8pm. There is always flexibility, which makes a huge difference when committing to joining a gym.

I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, and general well-being. I can see definition and muscles in places that I never thought I would! And I have sweat in places I never thought possible too!!

The classes are carefully planned out to suit everyone’s needs, and it is not a money making racket, they genuinely care for each and everyone one of us. I had a slight leg injury a few weeks ago and instead of forcing me to continue to do the class (which the majority of generic gyms would do!), Ben took me aside and helped me stretch out and to continue only working upper body so as not to cause more injury.

Ben and Niamh genuinely care about their business, and it has a family feel to it, there is no cold, harsh feel of a gym that churns out clients left right & centre with very little care to their needs or well-being.

Would highly recommend this gym to ANYONE, of all ages and sizes.”


Elaine Clarke

I started in Kaos about a year ago and can’t speak highly enough about Ben and Niamh and everyone here. Doing the group training sessions has genuinely made me the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been! I don’t know any other gym where the coaches know every single members’ name and go above and beyond to help you. I was injured for a little while (nothing gym related) and had to take some time out and they even stayed in touch to see how I was doing which was so appreciated. Can’t recommend them enough!


Bert + Donna

Myself and my boyfriend joined Kaos gym 1 year ago and it is not like any other gym. It is much more than just training sessions every week, it is a family. Anyone who walks in the door is welcomed with a friendly smile whether it be 6am or 8pm. The staff are always full of enthusiasm and encouragement. You are always made feel that you are more than just a membership number at kaos.


Elma Campbell

I’m just a few months off 2 years in the Kaos family now –  that statement alone says a lot.

Yes I keep going back/rolling over the 8 week sessions I take part in because I have seen results and I really enjoy it (yes like anyone it is normal to have your off days where you just don’t want to go but you are always delighted when you do and feel all the better for it) – I’ve faced a few little injuries here and there along the way and Ben has always been brilliant to on the spot adjust the program to ensure I can still benefit a workout but also stay safe and just stretch the injury.

Kaos is a family 🙂 – welcoming and lots of fun and banter to get you through challenging workouts and see continued results.  Elmo