Personal training




Want some 1 on 1 training tailored completely towards your own goals? At 10 sessions for €400 we challenge you to find a better deal with equal or similar results.

Whether your goal is performance related, to get in shape to step on stage or to just move and look better, have some more energy and feel better we can customize the plans to suit your specific needs.

All personal training clients receive a nutrition plan tailored to fit your lifestyle and how you like to eat, all customisable to drive you closer towards your goals.


Group training




Like the idea of having a coach at every session but don’t think 1 on 1 sessions are for you? Our group training programs are the foundation of what we do.

Sign up for 8 weeks of training, 3 sessions a week in a group of no more than 8 people with a coach, we’ll sort you out with a nutrition and recovery plan, take photographs and measurements so that we can monitor your progress and make changes to keep the progress moving. You’ll also have 24 hour access to your coach and other group members in a private forum where you can share ideas regarding nutrition and have access to your coach if you’re struggling with anything.

How much does this all cost? €260. Over the course of 8 weeks that breaks down as less than €5 per day. You’d be mad not to.



Athletic development programs


Want to start strength and conditioning training to improve your performance on the pitch? Then our athletic development program is right for you.

Mobility and movement skills, speed development, power development, strength development, agility work, muscular hypertrophy and conditioning are all covered in our athletic development programs.

Suitable for all ages from 13 upwards, we meet you for a one on one session every two weeks, give you a plan to follow until we meet again and constantly update and upgrade your programming to make sure you’re making the progress you want. To be a part of this program all you need is enthusiasm, put in the effort and train hard and it costs only €70 per month.


Regular Gym Membership

1 month: €45

3 months: €120

6 months: €220

1 year: €320

Assessment and program design: €35

Day Entry: €10